Managing Director, Europe


James Buckley

As managing director of Europe, James Buckley provides oversight for all Sovos customer operations in the region. A believer in the power of creating a vision and sticking to it, James ensures Sovos executes across its primary business functions and provides the best customer experience possible.

James has held a number of senior positions during his career. Among the highlights are his work helping to guide multiple acquisitions in Europe for Sovos and the opportunity to be involved in the launch and transformation of Pitney Bowes. Experiences he describes as highly rewarding and educational.

A self-described practical and determined strategist and tactician, James believes that you can never be over prepared for important interactions with customers and partners. A habit and skill that he continuously impresses upon his team to adopt.

Outside of the office James enjoys spending time with family and, when possible, pursuing his passion for running. James recently completed the London Marathon to raise money for UNICEF, a challenge he looks forward to completing again.

A native of New Zealand but also a UK citizen, James has done a lot travelling and has lived in several countries.

For more, see James’ LinkedIn profile .

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